Laboratory of Analysis, Technical Consulting Office

CERTEST is a private and independent laboratory and a technical consulting office established in 2004, specialized in Consumer Goods Products and located near the hub of the production of leather, leather goods, apparel, shoe factories and relative accessories in Italy. CERTEST Laboratory is accredited by Accredia, according to the ISO/IEC 17025, with Accreditation Laboratory number 1480 (please visit the Accredia website www.accredia.it for the updated complete schedule of accreditations). CERTEST is recognized by the major International fashion Luxury Brands in Leathergoods, Footwear, Apparel Trims, Apparel.
The Laboratory is able to perform colour fastness test, physical and mechanical tests, chemical tests, ageing tests on products and raw materials to evaluate performance, comfort, safety, and quality characteristics for the various areas of end use: Leathergoods, Footwear, Apparel Trims, Apparel. Quality control can be performed in compliance with regulations (national and international) or according to customer specifications (Performance or Compliance Standard), in order to develop new products or to control market sample and production batch, according to different Official Methods (UNI, EN, ISO, GB, GB/T, QB/T, CPSC, BS, JIS, DIN…). CERTEST staff consists of more than 30 people, most of them graduated in Chemistry. English and French languages are fluently spoken by our staff and the technical documentation and test reports are laid out in the required language. Thanks to its young, yet prepared and dynamic staff, CERTEST is able to offer a highly professional service, customized assistance, timing and competitiveness.


Partnership with Bureau Veritas

From 01st August 2014 Certest is in partnership with Bureau Veritas Consumer Product Service Divisionfor the softlines area, at both finished product and raw materials level, to provide:
World testing services as requested by International Brands
• Inspections and audits to Brands and supply chain
• A worldwide updating on standard, legislation, market inspections etc
Other services



Leathergoods, Footwear, Accessories and Apparel

CERTEST laboratory offers a service of drafting and editing Quality technical performance and compliance sheets / standards personalized by the Client business needs and by Clients’ product and sales as:


Performance Standard document (with physical-mechanical, colour fastness, ageing Analysis) divided by raw material and by category of surface finishing


Compliance Standard document (with Chemical Analysis) on the base of raw material and category of surface finishing


RSL document with the updated List of worldwide Restricted Substances for each product/raw material, identifying a maximum agreed limit for the Client depending on the product end use (i.e. shoes for infant, leathergoods for adult…)

CERTEST also provides an accurate service of technical assistance to comment laboratory results and to assist in solving production problems highlighted by the tests carried out.


accreditamento secondo norma UNI CEI ISO/IEC 17025

Certest, in Partnership with Bureau Veritas Worldwide Laboratories, is able to perform analyses recognized by the American Commissions to import goods in the United States.

Certest, in Partnership with Bureau Veritas Chinese Laboratories, is able to release all Test Reports recognized by the Chinese authorities, both at customs and national market level, by the release of CNAS, CMA + CAL reports (2C and/or 3C reports).

Thanks to the Worldwide Partnership with Bureau Veritas, Certest is able to assist and provide complete services according to the existing different International legislations and warranting various different accreditations.

Accreditation certificate download List of Accredited Trials (Vers.2 - 18th September 2015)


Certest srl is an Accredited Company, continuously investing in Innovation and Development, by the acquisition of new technologies and constant training of qualified personnel.
Trials can be executed according to different official Methods (UNI, EN, ISO, GB, GB/T, QB/T, CPSC, BS, JIS, DIN…), thanks to the continuous update of the technical and legislative evolutions (both at national and international level) or specific methods/procedures as required by Customers, to help the development phase and setting up the production control of raw materials/finished products.
All the above services are completed by a professional customized consulting service, accuracy and on-time answers, including personalized assistance in our Premises.

eLims portal

For our Customers, an advanced web portal with e-commerce services.

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Download of Advance Reports (for the evaluation of in progress results, to be still certified by Laboratory Manager), Test Reports and their archive.


Possibility to pre-register sample with related description and Test Package selection.



Data on-Line section lists all the information regarding previous and live updates of on-going tests.


Possibility to export data (of all or selected samples) in Excel sheets, allowing to elaborate proper statistics.